Five Types of People – from Nastik to Astik

Following are the five types of people:

  1. Nastik: Those who do not believe in God.
  2. Astik: For whom God exists.
  3. Those who believe that God also exists in them (I and the God are the same).
  4. Those who believe in Tat Tvam Asi (God not only exists in me but also in you).
  5. Those who believe that God is in everybody.

People who believe that God exists are fearful people. People who see God in themselves live a disciplined Satvik life and do not indulge in activities that are not God-friendly.

People who believe that God is not only in them but also in the other person, treat others same way as they treat themselves. People for whom God is everywhere always work for the welfare of the society.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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